Why sell with us?

When you choose a real estate agent to sell your property, you're investing an enormous amount of trust in that person and their agency to provide you with the right care and support to achieve the highest possible price. At Perpetual Real Estate NSW, we are committed to achieving this for you, so we pay very close attention to each and every detail. 

There must be a relationship of trust between the vendor and the agent for the selling process to be a positive experience. We take this relationship very seriously. Our obligations to you are:

  • To give straight forward and honest market appraisals

  • To follow your instructions

  • To act in your best interests

  • To keep you informed throughout the process

  • To convey all offers

  • To make full disclosure

  • To maintain confidentiality


Effective Negotiation Skills

We are experienced negotiators and have the knowledge, expertise and training to handle difficult and awkward situations to maximise the benefit to you, the vendor.


Unique Branding and Marketing

Our marketing tools have been designed to present your property with a fresh and new look, which stands out from the rest. Our window displays and website are attractive and captivating, creates as much exposure for your property as possible. We pay attention to details in property marketing ensuring the unique selling features of your property are emphasised in the internet advertising, brochures, the press advertisements and editorials.


Keeping You Informed

A good decision requires good information. We ensure you are well informed throughout the selling process. When the final decision is made you can be confident you are making the right decision.

Perpetual Real Estate NSW take the time to explain the process of selling a property, what to expect, possible pitfalls to avoid and how we handle specific situations. We will be doing our utmost to secure a successful sale.


Buyers Enquiry Database

We are constantly updating our database of buyers by building relationships to know their requirements and ensuring they understand the market. We make sure buyers are well informed so they can make a quick decision. This enhances the possibility of a quick and hassle free sale.

Our integrity is very important to us. It is this factor that makes buyers trust us and this is the key to maximising the price.

We always ensure the information we are providing to buyers is correct. The buyer can make an informed decision and be more likely to meet the terms of the vendor.



At Perpetual Real Estate NSW, we have a team of real estate professionals with local knowledge and experience. We continually monitor the property market through constant examination of market activities.

Training is important at Perpetual Real Estate NSW. All staff constantly review and update their selling skills to ensure we have the appropriate techniques to achieve a successful sale.


Professional Team

Successful real estate agents are good communicators. The staff at Perpetual Real Estate NSW is friendly, approachable, reliable and honest. We are a team of professionals, we pride ourselves on our high standards, integrity and work ethics.