Switch to Perpetual Real Estate NSW

How to switch to NSW Real Estate?

Making the decision to have your investment property managed by Perpetual Real Estate NSW couldn't be easier! 

With another agency?

If your property is currently managed by another agency, simply click on the document below, fill in the details where indicated, sign it and fax it back to us on (02) 9755 2887. 

We will do the rest. 

You will not have to call your current agency or communicate with them in any way. 

We will send the document you have signed to your current agency and make arrangements to collect all your files, keys and other necessary documents. 

We will send you an Perpetual Real Estate NSW management agency agreement for your signature. Once you have signed it and returned it to us, we can commence managing your property for you. 

Managing your property yourself?

Simply call us (02) 9755 1880 or email us on and our Business Development Consultant will happily discuss your needs, our services, and how we can help you.

Letter to Other Agency

Please use this  Letter to Other Agency as a template to make the change from your current agent to Perpetual Real Estate NSW. Return it to us and we will do the rest!